Some instructions for caring remy virgin human hair


Some instructions for caring remy virgin human hair

If you choose weaving hair, upon arrival, hair may be damp and braided. That is due to the fact that remy virgin human hair type is real, which has to be moisturized, especially during transit. In here, there are some instructions for you to take care of this hair type.


You should keep your hair clean. It needs to be washed for at least 3 or 4 times per week with cold or warm water. Do not forget to wash the hair after swimming, exercising, spa, etc.


Make sure that you comb remy virin human hair after wash and comb every day. When you detangle the hair, begin from the ends, and then work up gradually to the scalp. You need to use the other hand to hold the base and avoid shedding or leading to root tension. You should not use shine products upon the root area, since it can prematurely detach the Hair Grafting.


You should comb virgin remy hair after wash and comb every day


What note for you is only brushing your extended hair if it is completely dry or wet. Do it carefully, unless it can cause root tension. You need to make sure that the brushing is done from the bottom first. Except for the case you use soft Bristle Brush with 100 % boar; you should not brush through your attachment. In addition, extreme tugging can also make your own hair lose.

Blow Drying

When you round brush and dry your hair, remember not to lift Hair Addition. It is good to brush human remy virgin hair toward the face gently. Brushing or tugging hair abruptly when drying must be avoided. You also should press it firmly around perimeter, especially after blow drying.


Make two big braids on your hair when you go to sleep, exercising or swimming. You should untangle the hair before braiding. It is better not to sleep when the hair is wet. Your hair needs be completely dry prior to going to sleep, since sleeping with wet Hair Additions can make your hair be very matted.


Make two big braids on remy virgin human hair hair when exercising or swimming

Hope that the instruction above, you can take care of remy virgin human hair better.

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