Why should you choose our virgin hair?


Why should you choose our virgin hair?

Virgin hair is the hair that is free from processes such as perming, chemical treatment, bleaching, dying or coloring in any way.  The hair is regularly the single drawn, it means that there are different lengths within the weft.  Virgin hair which is the next level of Remy hair has all the features stated above. Therefore, how do you think about hair the choice between virgin hair and processed hair?


Virgin hair is very popular in Vietnam

Virgin Hair is most used is almost Asian and Vietnamese natural hair. European virgin hair is the most expensive among them because it is difficult to process and commonly they are finer in texture. You don’t have to try re-styling them. Asian and Vietnamese hair is much more popular. They could be styled and colored as we like. No matter what you choose, the virgin hair which is most closely our own natural hair ought to be the most appropriate option.


Do you like processed hair or virgin hair vietnam

Moreover, see another two different kinds of product: virgin hair and processed hair. Processed hair usually has lost cuticle, on the contrary, virgin hair is the type which has never been processed. It means the cuticle of our virgin hair still remain, the cuticle is an element that could protect our hair against environmental damage and last long. Therefore, virgin hair is more expensive than processed one.

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