Some Hair Colors That You Should Try


Some Hair Colors That You Should Try

There are a plenty of colors for your natural hair. Here are some of them that may help you a lot when choosing hairstyles and colors you want.

Brunette hair 


Brunette hair you should try

You had better try adding a dose of multi-faceted shine which uses some clever colors techniques. “Brunettes frequently stick with one all over shade when coloring but it means a flat brown when you can have a shimmering three-dimensional color,” Jack says. “I am using a technique named Tricolour for brunettes because the fact that it mimics how your natural hair will look naturally. By using three shades of brunette, each of them go 1/4 to 1/2 shade darker from front to back, it gives a natural brunette with tonal depth and definition . I found that neutral and cooler browns are the trends, I could not think of one brunette that I know who likes red in her natural hair. Think brunette Victoria Secret, Audrey Tautou, Jane Birken models.

“For black and darkest brown natural hair, for me, it is all about brown on brown. Therefore, no caramel or orange, neutral lighter browns in a darker brown base. I call it French Brown, it is beautiful but not hard to try. Think Kim Kardashian’s recent addition of some brown hair extension that looks super soft.”

Blonde natural hair


An example of Blonde natural hair

For blondes, subtlety may be the key this season. “I am a big fan of the blonde natural hair. Therefore, Baby light is one of my favorites for spring,” recommends top natural hair colorist Jack Howard. “By applying micro foils or micro balayage, you get a natural looking blonde with not a stripe to be seen. You should mix it up with classic balayage and you will have a completely 21st-century look. Merged techniques individualize color and are bespoke to you such as Kate Hudson, Khloe Kardashian blonde or Ashley Olsen. Blonde hair should look healthy, that is the reason why you could go super blonde if the condition is right. However, straw-like dry natural hair is a no-no-condition may be everything.”


For red natural hair, you can look to the red carpet for inspiration. Jack said that “The popular look for redheads is Ronze, a combination of a bronze brown and classic red to get the most natural looking shade you would imagine,” . “It is a color as seen on Emma Stone, Amy Adams, or Jessica Chastain.”

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