How to make fake hair extensions look natural hair?


How to make fake hair extensions look natural hair?

When you are buying remy virgin human hair, it is all about buying in a set and they could be real or synthetic hair, depending on how much you want to spend for match your hair color perfectly. 


Vietnam Hair extension like natural hair

Now that you have purchased a good set of hair extensions, here is how to clip hair extension in yourself:

1. Part and tease your hair. You will want to part your natural hair in line with the arches in your eyebrows, that idea when you finally flip your natural hair back over the part you really made it would cover the hair extension and then tease the natural hair below the part with a rattail brush to give the hair extension clip something to grab onto.

2. Taking one section of hair extensions and clip them into the teased natural hair along the part. Copy steps one and two on the other side and at the back of your head, so your natural hair is specifically one length the entire way around.


Confidently with hair extension

3. Cut your hair extensions to make them blend in with your current cut. It is best to cut up into your hair extensions, holding your scissors vertically.

4. Curling your natural hair and the hair extensions to blend everything commonly seamlessly. If you are using synthetic hair extensions, make sure they are able to be curled with a hot tool before doing so to avoid any mishaps. Then, set your hairstyle with some hairspray.

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