Some things you should know to avoid buying fake hair


Some things you should know to avoid buying fake hair

To be completely honest, nowadays, there are a lot of vendors who sell fake hair than those selling authentic natural hair. Here are some key pointers that ought to serve as your go-to guide that helps you more easily navigate through the right virgin hair world and probably prevent you from making costly mistakes down the road that may have you end up losing your hard earned hair. These are tested ways used by experts who tell fake virgin hair apart from authentic natural hair.

1. Checking for the presence of natural hair cuticles:

Virgin hair that is not chemically processed will have the cuticles present on the hair. When you check for cuticles and they are not present, it means that the cuticles have been stripped from the hair regularly from an acid bath. Stripped natural hair is not a bad thing they may last 9 months of use, but it is not virgin hair.


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2. Checking for left-over chemicals:

Virgin hair had better not have any chemical processing whatsoever. That means no dyeing, no perming, and no relaxers. Any kinds of hair outside of heat processing and water is considered chemical processing hair. By water, I like steam-processed hair. You may do this quick test: wet the natural hair bundle, apply a little neutralizing shampoo and massage into the natural hair. If the shampoo foam comes out from the bundle turns pink, it means that chemicals have been applied to the natural hair. This is a good test to keep in your arsenal because you would be shocked how many vendors don't take the time to thoroughly wash out the bundles which they receive processed or chemically process. Perform a sniff test and in case you pick up any chemical odors similar to a relaxer or perm, the hair has been chemically processed hair.


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3. Performing a smoke test:

Another thing you can do is taking out a lighter and doing a smoke test on you natural hair. To do this, you should take out a lighter or match and set the tips of the virgin hair on fire. Real virgin hair turns to ash above on left Synthetic hair turns to a sticky texture that hardens when cool. If the virgin hair burns with a white smoke and then turns to ash, this is the fact that it is virgin human hair and no synthetic fibers have been added to the bundle. If the virgin hair burns with a black smoke and then turns into a sticky texture that later hardens when it is cool, this means that synthetic fibers have been added to the virgin hair bundle.

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