Choosing A Color Style for Darker Hair


Choosing A Color Style for Darker Hair

Women with darker natural hair have the exact opposite problem when they select color blocks for their natural hair because they may need to work a bit harder to make those colors show up.

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Cute darker hair color for you

The first tip: It may be difficult to get colors to show up against darker natural hair tones. Those that frequently dye their human hair are possibly familiar with this difficulty. Hair extensions would let you experiment with which colors may work well, so is will not difficult for you to decide what human hair color looks best.

The second tip: Dark natural haired women are able easily to pull off bright, neon shades. Bright colors could be placed in blocks to draw attention. If your human hair is fine be sure to brush these through so they do not look too artificial. You should take care to match your color blocks to your skin tone. Darker skin tones will look great when paired with jewel tones while olive colored skin may easily pull off oranges and greens. If you are very pale, blues or purples might be just right.


Darker hair color is so beautiful

The third tip: If your natural hair is dark, you may need to bleach it to add a bright color block, and this color regularly only lasts for around eight washes. If you choose for a clip in style instead, you could enjoy your brightly colored natural hair for as long as you want without having to worry that it is going to start looking like dishwater.

It is not difficult to find color block hair extensions that are inexpensive if you would like to experiment with the look before you make a full commitment to wearing colored human hair.

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