Baby lights are the hot natural hair trend that you should try


Baby lights are the hot natural hair trend that you should try

We all love a baby-soft skin, but what about baby natural hair extensions ? Babies have gorgeous subtle highlights and that is something adults crave. Experts have figured out a way for grownups to steal the look. Of course, it becomes one of biggest trends of this season.


Baby lights are very popular in this season

What should you ask for?

Baby lights mean creating playful color and subtle dimension on a one-dimensional color without looking like a traditional highlight. You can tell your colorist that you want low-maintenance, sun-kissed natural hair results and that you are going for dimensional, piece-y color. Baby lights are also right for you if you are looking for something different than what you have now without completely parting with your hue.

Actually, they are perfect when you like a lighter look without the effect of highlights. Baby lights may give natural hair a unique update that is both very personalized and flattering and.


You should try Baby lights hair color

How does your natural hair stylist make it happen?

Here is the method by which baby lights come to life: Selective natural hairs are lightened so that your natural hair looks as if it is growing as the hair of a baby does. The concept arrived from customers bringing in photos of their children and requesting their natural hair color. Therefore we have the name baby lights. With baby lights, your look will be child-like with rich and natural hair color. The highlights are beautiful and subtle.

I like using foils with a mixture of various colors to create abstract looks because natural hair does not grow well to get this look. The application process is similar to highlights; the difference between them is the amount of natural hair in each foil and the separation between.

With baby lights, you use just a little bit of natural hair and create smaller separations between the foils, therefore the highlights blend with the base color. 

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