Some HOT Hair Style for Women


Some HOT Hair Style for Women

There are a plenty of natural hair styles that make you beautiful. Why don't you try some of them?

Curly natural hair give you a hot look - vietnam hair

Curly natural hairs will give you adorable look. You will look elegant and stunning in this new look. If you want to wear some modern stuff at any party and then curl your natural hair. It is definitely that everyone at the party will admire at your modern look. It will not only give women a hot look but also in fashion nowadays. The hot looks of famous stars such as Salma Hayek and Sarah Jessica Parker are in curls on the red carpet.

Spiraled curls: Spirals in the natural hair can give you modern look. You should use a defined curl cream according to your natural hair. You can take a shower at night so that your natural hair might waterlog, apply it on your soaked wet hair after this night shower. After that, put your natural hair encompassing into a stretched granny knot. After that procedure, sleep with this tightly knotted natural hair. Tomorrow morning, you will fresh with spirals curls in your natural hair. You can look elegant and adorable simply.


Spiraled curls are so beautiful - vietnamese hair

Loose and beachy curling: it is all about to give your natural hair a fresh look. You might apply styling hair spray and styling hair gel to volumising your natural hair. It might give like loose waves appearance to your hairs. Another tip for this beachy loose we have hair-styling. You may let the hair dry in the way about 80%. After that put them into 2 braids and allow your natural hair to air dry in the same manner. So this loose and beachy type of curling hairstyling is easy, and it is also less time consuming as compared to full curls in the natural hair.

There are some suggestions about curls and this sort of hair-styling.

Curling irons: It is advisable to use 2 different size curling irons: one thicker and one thinner. Their alternative using will turn your naturally straight hair into curly one.

Avoid crunchy textures: Moreover, it is advisable to use natural hair oil instead of natural hair gels to leave your hair more convenient and spongy.

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