How was the virgin hair or hair extension made?


How was the virgin hair or hair extension made?

Nowadays, the virgin hair market is flooded with a plenty of different kind of hair extensions from countries all over the world and Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Peruvian are some examples. Those hair extensions are known as virgin hair.  There are my numerous customers who have been coming to me with those called Brazilian virgin hair or virgin Indian hair, but a licensed hair stylist is apparent to notice the fakes.


A virgin hair will make you greater - human hair vietnam

What is hair extension or virgin human hair?

It is hair that is not processed with cuticles intact and is also free from these following processes: perming, chemical treatment, bleaching, coloring or dying in any way.  The hair is single drawn which means that there may be different lengths within the weft. It is the next level up from Remy's hair, except for being cuticle correct, it has all features that are stated above.

Where did virgin hair come from?

Virgin hair originally came from a single donor.  The hair was tied back into a ponytail and then the ponytail was cut.  Each virgin hair ponytail ought to come from one person.  The reason why the ponytail cut in that way is to keep the hair cuticles in one direction to prevent shedding and tangling.

What happened to Virgin hair after it had been cut?

The hair after the fact that it has been cut is washed, disinfected and arranged into single or double-drawn wefts.

The difference that makes us recognize machine weft and hand tied virgin hair?


A kind of hand tied virgin hair

A hand tied weft is a hair extension that is wafted by hand. Its advantage is the fact that the hair would lie flat and give a natural look.  However, a disadvantage is the fact that the hair sheds, and of course, it needs much more than machine weft hair and is much harder to sew tracks onto the hair.

Machine weft is hair extensions that are wafted by machine. Its advantage is the fact that the hair will be reinforced multiple times and of course, it 's hard to cut the hair as it could cause shedding.

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