3 simple ways to keep your virgin hair healthy on the beach


3 simple ways to keep your virgin hair healthy on the beach

The summer is coming and that means that it is time to head off to the beach; however, the salt water, the sea air and the sun can all play with your hair. You have already known how important it is to protect your skin with sunscreen, but do you do how to protect your hair? If not, then keep reading because we have 3 tips for you about how to keep your hair healthy when you’re enjoying a sunny day on the beach.

1. Apply coconut oil to the treatment of your hair

There’re so many different way to use of coconut oil and here is another to add the list. Rub a drop of coconut oil between your hands then before you go to the beach apply it to your hair by your hands. This’ll give you protection from split ends, but it will not make your hair greasy. If your hair’s dry normally anyway, you can rub your hands through your hair before you go to the beach. 


Using coconut oil to protect your virgin hair in the summer - hair in vietnam

2. Do not use heated tools

Your hair will suffer enough with the heat at the beach; therefore, you really do not want to add to the by using a dryer or hair straighteners. Go with the relaxed look for some few weeks and also let your hair dry naturally. If you have to use heated tools, you can use a heat protection product before you conduct.

3. Be very careful when combing your hair  


Be very careful when combing your virgin hair - vietnam human hair

When you comb your hair after a long day on the beach, be careful how you do it and do not tug too hard on tangles. As we have already mentioned you need condition your hair first, and then gently comb it, not brush it with a wide toothed comb. This action will stop breakage and helps limit the frizz.

These are very simple tips to helps you be confident when playing under the sun of the beach with healthy and strong hair. You will have a wonderful vacation by applying these tips to your virgin hair.

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