10 essential rules for girls to have remy virgin human hair extensions


10 essential rules for girls to have remy virgin human hair extensions

Human virgin hair extensions are now very popular to women and girls worldwide. However, it is not easy to ensure the beauty of hair all the time. Below are 10 essential rules for all of you to follow.
1. Brushing your virgin remy hair before sleeping and before washing, so that there is no natural occurring tangle caused by friction or wind.
2. Never brush wet hair because this is the time when hair follicles are easiest to be vulnerable.
3. Using Organic and sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate can strip hair of natural oil, so since there is no supply of nutrients directly from the scalp into extension strands, it is important for you to use product with no sulfate shampoo in order to protect the hair from being dried out. 

Sulfate-free shampoo can be useful to strip virgin human hair of natural oil
4. To avoid having bad effect on hair extensions, the cuticles and scalp, you should only wash hair with warm water.  
5. Washing your hair gently up-side-down with the palms, and you should not bunch or scrub hair together, because this will result in open cuticles rubbing against each other and causing friction. 
6. Rinsing between each wash and washing only once or twice.
7. Whistling wet and adding 2 to 3 natural oil drops like Almond or Coconut gently and evenly over your hair. These oils can penetrate the cuticles as well as add more moisture to virgin hairextensions.

Almond oils can penetrate the cuticles while giving more moisture to virgin hair extensions
8. Natural oil can replace most conditioners without requiring the additional chemicals and silicones. Since then, natural is always better.
9. Lowering the shower head while rinsing your hair, not the scalp, with cold water. This is called an Arctic Rinse, which can close the cuticles in order to lock in the nutrients and moisture from the oil and give you with rich hair extensions. 
10. Let your hair naturally dry at home and spend 2 to 3 hours washing it. You should not use heat because this can dry and swell your strands. 

Above are 10 important and useful tips for women to maintain their charming remy virgin hair extensions and become more confident with their looking everyday.

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