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Blonde human hair– the best Make-up Tips

Nowadays, make-up is trend of most women. However, most of them do not know how to apply beautiful make-up and be suitable for their hair colors. Our tips show you how to find the right make-up colors with blonde human hair.

Natural make-up for blonde human hair

Foundations for Blondes

Skin blemishes and redness are particularly clear on the often very light skin of blondes. Thus, you should make-up for medium to high coverage, unless nature has given you a perfect complexion. Remember that you should select make-up colors from neutral beige to slightly yellowish. You should avoid any rose make-up hues.

Eye Make-Up for Blondes

The methods for lid shadow applications calls for less. Obvious lid colors such as deep violet or Barbie pink appear too flashy for most women with light blonde lock. The pastel copy of these colors is more far attractive effects. These softer colors like lilac and rose without pearl effects work special well with brownish undertones or gray.
Ash blonde can use golden brown eye shadows to put a few of glow into their skins. Any other way, ash blonde can simply look washed out. Champagne or golden color highlights underneath the eyebrows are great for ash blonde but they have to avoid any eyebrow highlights such as pearl or silver. Women with golden blonde hair look more beautiful when they make-up magenta tones or darker mauve on their lids.

Eye Make-Up for Blonde human hair

Eyebrow Styles for Blondes

Women have natural light blonde hair avoid emphasizing eyebrows by dark eyebrow pencils. Ideal are powders or eyebrow pencils in light grayish brown colors. Plenty of companies produce special eyebrow pencils that use for blondes. All of them come in grayish rose colors. It is very important not to draw hard eyebrow lines. Instead of you must draw many small short lines between the real eyebrow. If you have blanched your blondes, you should consult your hairstylist to slightly blanch your naturally dark eyebrows as well. It will make your blonde hair more natural.

Red Cheeks for Blondes

Rose shades will make blondes a brilliant complexion. Clear light pink colors are ideal for lighter blonde women; peach and rose colors with a shades gold blend well with golden blonde hair. Darker blondes should go a brownish rose because lighter pink colors can look quiet sweet. Remember that coppery or terracotta hues will make blondes pale. You should limit to apply bronzers as you can.

Lip hues for Blondes

What we showed about rouge also can apply to the lip hues. Pink makes you very pretty. All trace of pink are the most beautiful choices for blondes. Pink tones with brownish undertones or beige are perfect for women who have light golden blonde hair. Platinum blonde women can also venture into trying deeper bluish red or pink lip hues. However, you remember that intense or darker lip hues also need an even complexion.  You should also apply a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick or a shade lighter to have a perfect look. 


Some instructions for caring remy virgin human hair

If you choose weaving hair, upon arrival, hair may be damp and braided. That is due to the fact that remy virgin human hair type is real, which has to be moisturized, especially during transit. In here, there are some instructions for you to take care of this hair type.


You should keep your hair clean. It needs to be washed for at least 3 or 4 times per week with cold or warm water. Do not forget to wash the hair after swimming, exercising, spa, etc.


Make sure that you comb remy virin human hair after wash and comb every day. When you detangle the hair, begin from the ends, and then work up gradually to the scalp. You need to use the other hand to hold the base and avoid shedding or leading to root tension. You should not use shine products upon the root area, since it can prematurely detach the Hair Grafting.


You should comb virgin remy hair after wash and comb every day


What note for you is only brushing your extended hair if it is completely dry or wet. Do it carefully, unless it can cause root tension. You need to make sure that the brushing is done from the bottom first. Except for the case you use soft Bristle Brush with 100 % boar; you should not brush through your attachment. In addition, extreme tugging can also make your own hair lose.

Blow Drying

When you round brush and dry your hair, remember not to lift Hair Addition. It is good to brush human remy virgin hair toward the face gently. Brushing or tugging hair abruptly when drying must be avoided. You also should press it firmly around perimeter, especially after blow drying.


Make two big braids on your hair when you go to sleep, exercising or swimming. You should untangle the hair before braiding. It is better not to sleep when the hair is wet. Your hair needs be completely dry prior to going to sleep, since sleeping with wet Hair Additions can make your hair be very matted.


Make two big braids on remy virgin human hair hair when exercising or swimming

Hope that the instruction above, you can take care of remy virgin human hair better.


How to gain Vietnam virgin hair with Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is good for beauty care especially hair care. You will get a Vietnam virgin hair if use it to take care of your hair.


A woman is taking care of Vietnam virgin hair .

The Benefits of Olive Oil 

Any time of the year, frizzy and dry hair occurs. It is caused by a lack of moisture in winter and the sunshine in summer. When hair cries out for help, a lot of people go to the store or the salon for the latest and greatest deep-moisturizing product.

Olive oil has antioxidants, which remove damaging free radicals from the scalp and the hair’s surface. Free radicals advance premature aging process and damage natural Vietnam hair, so we should protect our hair with antioxidants that help reduce hair loss. Olive oil is also a softening. It goes through the hair shaft better than other kinds of oils. This appearance creates healthy and shiny hair with improved elasticity.

Wet-Hair Treatment 

Damp your hair and rinse it clearly with shampoo. Wash your hair carefully then use a suitable amount of conditioner and use fingers to massage. Clean out the conditioner with fresh water. Attention! Cover your shoulders with a towel to avoid being wet and pour one to two tablespoons of olive oil into hand. Doing the oil through hair ensure to cover every strand carefully.


Olive oil – simple way to gain Vietnam virgin hair.

Dry-Hair Treatment

You have a dry hair or your hair has become a raw hair Vietnam. You don’t worry about it. Begin by combing out your hair lightly and covering your clothing by a towel around shoulders. Put an amount of olive oil into your hand and begin applying it to the tail of hair. Massage hair strands lightly. Work the oil on each small section at a second then apply to all of hair, remember to stop the oil application one inch from the scalp. The dryer should put medium heat and keep it 8 inches away from hair. Apply the heat from 2 to 3 minutes to help the oil be penetrated. 

Treatment Time Depends on Harm Type

Keep the oil on hair about 45 minutes is enough time for hair with minor dryness. If your hair is extensive damage, like from coloring or chemical treatments, keep the oil about 2 hours. Beside, you can also keep it overnight by covering with a towel or shower cap. Rinse out hair with shampoo to rob the oil and wash it dry.

Hope that some knowledge will help you gain Vietnam human hair quickly!


Should I get hair extensions for my wedding day?

There is trust that every bride-to-be wants to look perfectly gorgeous for her wedding day. Why not? We will schedule the natural hair and makeup appointment, ensure that we are excellently manicured and that all unwanted ‘curves' are hidden under that breathtaking dress.  If you are thinking getting hair extensions for your wedding, here are any things you should think about first.


You are thinking getting hair extensions for your wedding

Now you should experiment the hair extensions styles.

Clip on or glue on hair extensions. 

Another option you have when questioning, "Should I get hair extensions" is glue on hair extensions or the clip on.  The glue on kind can last for many months while the clip on kind can come out after the service and treatment are over.  If you are thinking a fancy and elaborate, you can think to go with the glue on kind.  This will guarantee that nothing comes out of place at the most inconvenient time like when you are going down the walk or dancing the first dance.



If you choose to use the clip on hair extensions, take them to your hair stylist before of time and have he or she will try out some various looks with them.  This would give you the future to see how you like them and sure you can move around some with the hair extensions are in place and secure.

Looking natural

If you want your hair extensions to look natural to your visitors, think to wear them for a while before the wedding day.  Everyone, covering you, will become used to the way you look with the hair extensions and it would not be a radical change for the wedding day. This program helps you look more beautiful and confident with your new hair extensions and would also give you the chance to see if you actually love them or if you could do without them.

Hair extensions can improve your look and give you with the long, beautiful curly hair you want.


Find the best hair extension for your face shape

When styling hair, one of the key factors that the hair artist should consider for you is to analyze whether the face shape is suitable with that hair extension style. Below are some instructions for you to decide the right type of hair.

The perfect hair extension style is more than a few snips! Thus, before having a salon appointment, decide the type of your face shape, which can give you the hint about what you exactly need. You can carry out it at home by using a ruler and measuring your brow, cheekbones and jawline widths, and the length of from your forehead to chin. If your face is oval like Ashley Greene, that means your brow, cheekbones and jawline widths are almost equal; however, if you have round face like Charlize Theron's, the width and length of your face is nearly similar, with the curving forehead and jaw at the corners. Anyone who has heart-shaped faces as Halle Berry has narrow jaw and a wide brow; however, if the length of your face is equal to its width, yours is square like Olivia Wilde. From these features, you can easily figure out the most appropriate type of hair extension for you.



A gamine go with spiky layers sliced around the crown, similar to the chop of Ginnifer Goodwin.

Why to choose it

 "If you are going to have it short, keep short all the time," says Garren – a legendary celebrity hairstylist. Different from a jaw-hugging bob, this petite pixie is downplaying roundness in such a big way. Besides, the choppy pieces on the top add height, make  your face longer and emphasize the eyes.

Expert tip

That length is cinch for styling straight, wavy or fine hair, but you can steer clear, if you want curls-think poodle.



A long and collarbone-skimming bob along with wispy pieces that are around the neck.


A long and collarbone-skimming bob is the suitable hair extension type for round face with medium length

Reason for choosing

Hair reaches the shoulders or the collarbone gives you face-slimming effect. With loose curls like the one of Charlize Theron, it adds angles, breaks up the chin and will not curve in your jaw. "If you do that, you are counterbalancing the circular face shape and giving it structure," said Garren.

Expert tip

With some inches longer than usual, it can add weight to your hair, and balance your round face.




Long and barely there layers hitting at the jawline.

Reason for choosing

Like Selena Gomez's hair, long and staggered layers are easy for you to make on your hair, and give your face a fuller feeling. A scattering with bottom light layers can keep volume away - from the sides and focus it near the hair ends.

Long and staggered layers hair extension make your face look fuller

Expert tip 

Long layers help to stop your curls from ballooning, especially around your cheeks as well as prevent hair from being stringy.

Source: mic hair


What style of remy hair extension is suitable for you?

You want to change your hair color, hair length, hair style; but you have not made your decision yet? Here are some hints for you with remy hair extension.

For makeup artist who works at makeup counter

You may want to add some more spunk to your own life! As you are a makeup artist, sporting numerous colors on the face or just being creative with your own style is certainly your mantra. So what remy hair extension style would suit your job? The option may be a short and spunky style, which has some color to reflect individual personality and creativity. Besides, you may want the one that seems not to take away too much feature from your face and help you show off the latest creation. Short hair or hair that can easily be pulled back in order to show face is normally the best choice that a makeup artist like you can be interested in.


Makeup artist can choose remy hair extension style that can easily be pulled back in order to show face

For small boutique shop owner

If you work in beauty business and you have a shop selling everything such as perfume, exotic skin care products, rare jewelry or simple dresses and skirts. So what style of remy hair extension is you best choice? Maybe the long locks made up of soft waves with beachy look will perfectly matches with the atmosphere in your workplace you try to create. Or you can make it short or full of messy curls that are adorned with small flower. All of them are great too. Whether you choose to have long and wavy hair or short hair with curls, they will make you and your boutique shop bright and shiny.


Long locks of remy hair extension made up of soft waves will perfectly matches boutique shop owner

For college student

Now, it is time for shining. You are away at the college and eager to express your own personality through clothes and hair, so here is a good chance. Do whatever you like! Keep the hair short or rock it long, and play with color help to ensure your enjoy as college student before you dive into the world outside. Use the favorite magazine of you as a guide and get a celebrity hair. It is fun! 

Source: Mic hair


How to match processed hair style and clothes?

Despite the season change and fashion trends evolution, there is one thing to remain the constant processed hair style. Let’s read and discover about it. Read more

Dress first, style hair second

If you are going to a date, party or formal event, the first thing you need to do is finding suitable dress. Do not be fixated on the style of processed hair you want to make, but choose the dress first. When you have your dress chosen, you can start selecting the desired hairstyle.

Dress loud while hair simple 


You should choose simple processed hair style for elaborate dress

When matching the hair and dress, the key thing to remember is balance. If the dress you wear has intricate details, then it is good to make a simple style of hair. Besides, with simple dress, more elaborate hairstyle will be needed.
You should notice that your dress will be the show-stopper, but not your hair. It is only an accessory, like the jewelry or the bag that you carry. Therefore, the dress’s features must be highlighted while the hair had better be more subtle. However, if you intend to wear a kind of plain and sweetheart princess dress, it is necessary to get on yourself full bouncy locks in order to make you look a bit oomph.

Dress high and hair high


Make an updo on your processed hair for high necklines

There is another basis that you should consider choosing processed hair style is the dress or clothing’s neckline. If you wear a high-neckline dress, it is better to wear an updo. Nonetheless, in case the dress is designed with a front or back low-cut, you can choose to have an updo or just keep the hair loose.

No matter what the fashion trend is, you should select what looks great on you. That will make you confident to shine in the party or event.